District Involvement

District Involvement

I’ve taken an active role in several areas throughout the district. Most notable was being a part of the formation of the STMA Legislative Action Team on which I serve as the team leader. Our team works closely with our partners at Schools for Equity in Education to understand what bills have the greatest potential for positive funding impact on our district and greater community. In addition to speaking directly with legislators I’ve worked to engage and share information with our community through running the “STMA Action for Excellence” Facebook page, holding numerous presentations in the community about school funding and legislation, and providing community alerts when our voices are needed to advocate for STMA.

After leading these efforts to share more information with the community, STMA showed up in a big way! Our communities’ numerous letters of advocacy were included in committee packets, read on the house floor, and noted amongst legislators as real examples of where funding is falling short. While we have made progress, with a funding year upon us in 2023 we have plans to expand our reach. Advocating for change that will positively impact our students and staff is something I am passionate about and will continue to be involved in.

In addition to leading the STMA Legislative Action Team, I’ve been involved as a:

· Member of the Levy Steering Committee

· Regular attendee at STMA board meetings and workshops

· STME PTO Secretary

· Regular attendee of Parents of Primaries meetings

· Classroom Volunteer